Romance Was Born

I've collaborated with the Sydney Based Fashion label Romance Was Born on their Seasonal Collection entitled 'Mysteria Wysteria'. The collection is explored in four stories 'Pastel Egypt', 'Snakes & Chains', 'Parallel Universe' and 'Gnostic Geo'. Selections from their collection can be purchased at the Romance Was Born e-Boutique here

Wurm Haus

My solo exhibition 'Wurm Haus', will have an extended run over summer at the National Gallery of Victoria, Australia. For more information on the exhibition go here

Ixian Gate

Ixian Gate is a new virtual reality animation created for Oculus Rift, premiering December 5th, 2015, as part of the Wurm Haus exhibition at the National Gallery of Victoria, Australia. I've been working with a small team of New Zealand collaborators over the last 9 months on this incredibly fun project. Go to the links below to see their stuff.

Animation: Simon Ward
Developer: Kenny Smith 
Sound Design: Andrew Clarke